Redbird Strategic Resources relies on our sister company, Lawhorn CPA Group, LLC, to provide a full range of accounting, tax and strategic financial services for the nonprofits we serve. Accountants step in to focus on financial stability, internal controls, and financial reporting. Nonprofits can then make better decisions, maintain compliance with state and federal requirements, and be free to focus on mission fulfillment and serving their communities.


Our Accounting Strategic Suite under the Lawhorn CPA Group includes:


From advice and assistance on bookkeeping and accounting systems, to hands-on back office services, we are equipped and ready to meet your needs. Processing invoices, writing checks, reconciliation, updating the general ledger, and all levels of reports for management, funders or other stakeholders—we have the capacity and know-how to manage it all.


Compliance begins with good bookkeeping, thorough recordkeeping and solid accounting practices. We can help ensure that nonprofits are tracking and reporting the right information at the right time to meet federal and state requirements for tax filings, registrations and other regulatory needs. We can even work to strengthen your case for donor support by helping you streamline, capture and report outcome measures that demonstrate your organization’s impact. You can easily report results to current foundation, government or other funders and impress potential investors with the progress you are making toward your mission goals.

Specialized Reporting and Budgeting

New reporting standards have gone into effect, and as of 2018, all Nonprofits must modify their financial reporting to comply. Under these requirements, proper allocation of functional expenses is required and ties directly into the budgeting process. We can assist with budget development and reporting to make functional expense reporting clear, understandable and compliant with the new standards.

Formation and Planning

Considering forming a nonprofit? We can provide real-world assistance in making the decision to invest in the formation of a new nonprofit. If formation is the desired outcome, we can help with planning, filing for incorporation and tax-exempt status, and full strategic consultation to ensure that all areas of operation meet state and federal guidelines and requirements.  

Like all Lawhorn Enterprise companies, Lawhorn CPA and Redbird Strategic use the Goldilocks method: We can do a little or a lot, but in all that we do, we strive to make it just right to meet the needs of our clients.

Raise more AND spend less. Who knew accountants could help you save the world!