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Fundraising During COVID-19: Certainties for Uncertain Times

Join on us on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, from 3 PM to 4 PM for Fundraising During COVID-19: Certainties for Uncertain Times Philanthropy stands at perhaps the most volatile intersection of COVID-19’s social and economic impact. Nonprofits likely see the same declines in revenue as their private sector counterparts, yet the community needs filled by…

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Save 15% on a Grants Research Package

Save 15% on a Grants Research Package, so you can focus on advancing your mission! All research includes corporate, community, and family foundations funding at the local, regional, or national level, with application, contact and deadline information provided. Basic: Prospects screened for interest areas; organization will vet for programmatic and location criteria. Intermediate: Prospects qualified…

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Looking for Love (and Funding!) in All the Right Places

Happy Valentine’s Week, Nonprofit Warriors! We couldn’t find a box of digital chocolates but are sharing the love with a few funder-finding ideas, especially for the small or start-up nonprofit. While corporate, family and community foundation grants can play a strong supporting role in your overall fundraising plan, locating those revenue opportunities can be challenging.…

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Boosting Donor Engagement: The Generational Gap

A successful nonprofit is built by many hands. Some are younger and stronger, while others are more weathered and experienced. Without different generations of donors, an organization can’t secure and sustain its future. Knowing how to identify and engage each generation can be the difference between struggle and success. There are a few things you…

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Recruitment of Volunteers

Volunteers can be the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations. Volunteers often make up the board of directors, can help carry out operations, and plan and carry out programs and events. One would assume volunteer recruitment would be easy for a nonprofit in a state nicknamed “The Volunteer State,” but even in Tennessee (the home of Redbird…

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