The P’s and Q’s of Landing Foundation Grants

Yes, you have to be Pretty Quick to take advantage of funding opportunities available through corporate, family, and community foundations, but Redbird Strategic is here to help! Our 2020 Tips and Sips series kicks off with the essential information every Nonprofit Warrior needs to make foundation grants a part of their fundraising plan. You’ll learn:…

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Looking for Love (and Funding!) in All the Right Places

Happy Valentine’s Week, Nonprofit Warriors! We couldn’t find a box of digital chocolates but are sharing the love with a few funder-finding ideas, especially for the small or start-up nonprofit. While corporate, family and community foundation grants can play a strong supporting role in your overall fundraising plan, locating those revenue opportunities can be challenging.…

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Start the New Year with Gratitude

It’s the end of January, and everyone is getting their tax documents from mortgage, banking and investment accounts. Borrow that page of the playbook to give your donors some shiny new year love and make your first touch of the year one of gratitude. While 2018’s doubling of the standard deduction means that many Americans…

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Boosting Donor Engagement: The Generational Gap

A successful nonprofit is built by many hands. Some are younger and stronger, while others are more weathered and experienced. Without different generations of donors, an organization can’t secure and sustain its future. Knowing how to identify and engage each generation can be the difference between struggle and success. There are a few things you…

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Three people discussing corporate sponsorship opportunities for a nonprofit organization.

5 Steps to Acquiring Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsorship is a form of marketing that involves companies making financial contributions to nonprofit organizations to help them fund events or projects. These companies provide funds in exchange for their name being associated with the event or project, as well as other benefits the nonprofit may wish to offer them. Sponsorships can build positive…

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Coins with plants growing out of them showing that as you raise more your nonprofit can flourish.

Raise More, Spend Less: The Art of Balancing Your Nonprofit

You have a vision and a mission, which is the heart of a successful nonprofit! Often this means organizing volunteers and fundraisers to raise money for your cause while keeping overhead costs low. Stressing over organization and finances can sometimes take the “fun” out of fundraising. As if planning wasn’t complicated enough, your organization must…

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Thank you cards are a great way to show your nonprofit donors and sponsors gratitude for their donation or pledge.

The Role of Gratitude in Fundraising

Gratitude is an endearing human quality whereby people express a feeling of appreciation.  When it comes to the role of gratitude in fundraising, displaying a consistent “attitude of gratitude” should be a core value of every nonprofit organization.  This will help harbor positive feelings towards the cause, and keep donors returning to give in the…

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