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Recruitment of Volunteers

Volunteers can be the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations. Volunteers often make up the board of directors, can help carry out operations, and plan and carry out programs and events. One would assume volunteer recruitment would be easy for a nonprofit in a state nicknamed “The Volunteer State,” but even in Tennessee (the home of Redbird…

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Three people discussing corporate sponsorship opportunities for a nonprofit organization.

5 Steps to Acquiring Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsorship is a form of marketing that involves companies making financial contributions to nonprofit organizations to help them fund events or projects. These companies provide funds in exchange for their name being associated with the event or project, as well as other benefits the nonprofit may wish to offer them. Sponsorships can build positive…

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Coins with plants growing out of them showing that as you raise more your nonprofit can flourish.

Raise More, Spend Less: The Art of Balancing Your Nonprofit

You have a vision and a mission, which is the heart of a successful nonprofit! Often this means organizing volunteers and fundraisers to raise money for your cause while keeping overhead costs low. Stressing over organization and finances can sometimes take the “fun” out of fundraising. As if planning wasn’t complicated enough, your organization must…

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A nonprofit board of directors sitting at a table discussing the nonprofit they represent.

The Board of Directors’ Role in Fundraising

Having a strong organizational structure is crucial to the success of any nonprofit. The governing body of your nonprofit, or the board of directors, is a key elements to this structure. While board members primarily advance the overarching mission of the organization, nonprofit board members have various vital duties and responsibilities—of which fundraising is paramount.

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Why Hire a Fundraising Consultant for Your Nonprofit?

Staff and board members understand the direction to take within the scope of their organization’s goals, mission and vision. But when it comes down to fine-tuning resource development or simply increasing your capacity, reaching out to a fundraising consultant for your nonprofit can be an efficient and effective move. Consultants serve as objective, experienced professionals…

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Brunch and Learn Invite with Redbird Strategic Resources for November 15, 2018

Fundraising 101

On November 15, 2018, Freddi Birdwell led a consultation meeting for local Nonprofit organizations. Redbird Strategic Resources met to Brunch and Learn at 10:30 AM. Food was served, laughter was had, and insights were gained. Check back more for updates and events with founder, Freddi, and more! 

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