Next Level Nonprofit Development

Redbird Strategic Resources was founded especially for small to medium nonprofits poised for the next level of funding and service. These are typically organizations with a great mission, striving to accomplish big things with small development departments. Often, these overtaxed, under-resourced departments are one or two folks striving to plan and execute the myriad activities that fall under the development banner.

Sound familiar?

Freddi Birdwell, CFRE


Founder and CEO Freddi Birdwell applies lessons learned during her 25-plus years in nonprofit to help organizations increase awareness and support, strengthen community connections, and inspire donors toward transformational giving. A Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) and past president of the Great Smoky Mountain Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Freddi was honored to be recognized by her peers as the 2017 Fundraising Professional of the Year. Her career has featured leadership positions with both the American Cancer Society and Catholic Charities of East Tennessee, working at local, state, and regional levels. Each organization has had a tremendous impact on her personal and professional life, including the opportunity to develop and strengthen an array of skills that range from donor development and communications to program management and quality control.

She has watched the nonprofit world continue to lose energetic, creative talent to frustration and burnout, and while experiencing these same challenges throughout her own career, she has also witnessed firsthand the growth that can be realized from even a modest investment in development infrastructure. Those positive transformations were the inspiration for Redbird Strategic Resources, where our goal is to provide every organization with the information, support and tools needed to reach that next level of service – then move out of the way!

In her free time, Freddi enjoys the company of family and friends, losing herself in popular fiction with little or no redeeming social value (especially crime thrillers and spooky stuff), and hamming it up on any community theater stage that will have her. 


Regardless of the industry, every business begins with the idea to solve a problem or fill a need. One unsolved problem for accountants is their association with tax only. Although accountants are the physicians of finance, much of their expertise goes untapped. Part of the problem lies with accountants themselves. Bogged down with basic accounting (America has an accountant shortage), most CPAs fail to offer higher level reporting. By automating accounting, Jeff knew he could provide the insightful strategy that is his expertise.

Jeff is a graduate of the University of Tennessee. After working in both corporate and public accounting, he founded Lawhorn & Associates in 1979, now known as Lawhorn CPA Group, LLC and later joined Redbird Strategic Resources in 2018. Among peers, he is widely known for leveraging his unique, creative methods to solve difficult accounting matters.

Jeff writes songs on his guitar to amuse his wife, Donna. He invites people over to eat his hell-fire hot wings to amuse himself. Because he enjoys cooking so much, he tends to wear the apron in the house. He likes to read, dance, and plant flowers.


Daniel started with Lawhorn in 2014 following a college internship.  His education and training in accounting have helped him excel in his position with Redbird Strategic Resources.  When he’s not in the office, you can find Daniel working out, target shooting, or wood-turning.  Wood-turning? It’s the craft of using hand-held tools to carve wood in a symmetrical way.  Daniel specifically uses this method to create pens.